There is some natural trepidation when it comes to using a bold rug as part of your décor. Obviously, not everything goes with bold rugs so your options for other furnishings become a bit more limited, and some folks don’t enjoy having limited foisted upon them thanks to bold designs and patterns, while others enjoy the challenge of designing a space based around an inspiring piece such as a bold rug.

Whether you’re looking at plush, shag rugs or boldly colored, woven rugs, there are several things you can do to ensure that your rug’s place in the room fits. The key is making sure that your rug matches other elements in the room – the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is your rug clashes with various elements in your room. The good news is you can avoid the pitfalls of having a bold rug with a few smart moves.

Focus on the Basics

There are two big keys to making the bold rug work. First is matching a color from the rug to some of the pieces in the room. The other is making sure the larger pieces are neutral colors. Pairing bold with bold makes the room a little too loud and takes the focus off the rug. Smaller accent pieces with colors matching the rug make the rug pop. The danger with a bold rug is that it overwhelms the room. When you stick to the basics of matching and using neutrals, you avoid clashes while at the same time not letting the rug overpower the room. Instead, the bold rug stands out for the right reasons.


Use the Walls

Furnishings are a massive part of the room but one of the most important parts of a room many people forget about are the walls. Perhaps this is out of fear – painting is a big job so if you get the paint color wrong then repainting the wall is even more of a chore. The over-dyed rug is one of the major styles in right now, so the key is matching the rich color of the rug with a rich wall color. There are plenty of these colors, but how do you know you’ve chosen the right one?

Here’s a pro-tip: use samples – not swatches, but samples. Get sample colors and paint them in various spots in the room. Paint the samples close enough together that when light hits you get a certain effect but when far enough away from each to make differentiation easier. Check on the room for several days and see which color stands out for the right reasons. That’s your color – and the best part is there was no guesswork involved


Embrace the Whimsy of Design

For many, designing a room is serious work and to that end, a fun rug livening up the room with its interesting patterns is a non-starter. People choose to play it safe, and that’s for good reason. Ask yourself though – who are you designing the room for? The right answer is you’re designing it based on the color schemes and patterns you like! It’s your room and your tastes, so do what you want! With that being said, as long as you adhere to design principles, you can do what you want while making things look great.

Here’s where whimsy comes in. Let’s say you find a rug with a really interesting pattern that seems a bit out there yet you love the rug. Get the rug. Put the rug down and work the rest of the room around the rug. If it’s traditional, then make sure everything else is traditional, same rules apply if it’s modern, avant-garde, or any other style. The goal is bringing forth your personality. Don’t opt for the safe choice if it’s not what you want.


Strategic Placement

The big problem with bold rugs is color fatigue. There’s only so much boldness one can take in the living room, for example, before it gets old. Make sure you place the rug in a space where you won’t get tired of it or it won’t stand out for the wrong reasons. This is achieved a couple ways. The first is using coffee tables. These tables are accent pieces which means they add value to the other furniture and the rug. Which coffee table is the best in this situation? Clear ones. They add relief to the rug.

The other hack is using the bold rug in connecting spaces like stairways and hallways. These spaces aren’t continuously occupied so the good news is it’s harder to get bored of the color. The other benefit is these connecting spaces are often lacking in design attention. Great home décor takes all spaces into account, even those seeming to be utilitarian only in purpose.

Bold rugs are a popular trend, and they should be embraced. Following these simple design principles allows you to get the most out of your rug. Make sure that you choose something you like and use it strategically while taking other things into consideration including furnishings and the walls. Do all this, and you’ll be impressed with your design skills!

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