Noted 90’s philosopher Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski remarked that his rug “really tied the room together,” however you don’t need to be an aficionado of bowling or Creedence to appreciate how a great rug can transform a room. Whether it is a shag rug in a bedroom or an artificial grass rug stuck under a desk, a rug does wonders for a room’s aesthetics.

There are many different rugs and applications – some people even use rugs on the bed or the wall! The good news the more creative you are with a rug the better your results will be. Whether you’re looking to accent a staid floor or create a wall effect, you’ll be hard-pressed to go wrong with a rug.

A quick word of advice before you search for rugs – make sure your rug will coordinate with the colors in your room. Even if you are looking for a contrast effect, it’s always better to contrast with colors that are natural than colors that clash. Also, be sure to understand the function of a space – if a rug is in a high traffic area, the smart move is a durable rug because otherwise the wear patterns will dilute the addition of the rug to the room.

Here are five ways you can transform a room with a rug:

Under the Furniture: This application works best for kitchen tables, coffee tables, desks, and even night stands. The rug’s function is giving the furniture a “set apart” space. When you are looking to make a furnishing something that attracts the eye of visitors, having a rug that meshes with the accent points on the furniture along with the color scheme of the room at large is the best way to go as it provides a natural transition for the eye.


Centering Device: Perhaps this is the most common use of rugs as décor because this motif is the easiest to pull off and makes the most sense to high level designers and amateurs alike. For the rug as a centering device to work, there need to be considerations of traffic along with color scheme. A contrasting rug may not be the way to because the eye will be drawn to the middle of the room and away from the other furnishings. Also, these rugs should be more durable or have a “worn look” so traffic doesn’t diminish the rug’s luster.


Wall Tapestry: This is one of the more innovative uses of a rug. Instead of laying on the floor and the rug itself performs the same function as a poster or piece of art. Contrast is a great idea in this instance, and you can include contrast in two ways – color and texture. If you have a room of neutral colors, a bold color with a plush rug as a tapestry is a great way to add relief. One of the best styles for this effect are shag rugs. They provide incredible depth and their colors are fuller due to the plushness.


Adorning Furniture: This is where creativity can really come alive. If you have a staid daybed or settee, a rug can do wonders for making this piece of furniture look newer and well-placed. The best way to make these rugs work is to understand the reality of texture. A big, thick, heavy rug is horrific to sit on because it’s quite warm and can be a bit uncomfortable. More plush rugs may not work because sitting there could be distracting for a person, so it’s important to find a middle ground. One of the best rugs for these purposes are flat weave rugs. The have the right heft to stay in place while also provide enough breathability not to be warm.


The Runner: These rugs are a lot of fun because they are small and easy to place. Runners allow you to constantly reinvent a space. Especially effective in the kitchen or bathroom, the runner does a great job of accenting a smaller space in a similar way a large area rug does to the center of a room. Make sure your runner’s pattern is opposite that of the floor. Play up the contrast and your runner will be appreciated by all.

These five tips are by no means everything there is to understand about using rugs to decorate a space. However, if you are smart with your colors and patterns, you can use all different types of rugs to transform the different rooms in your home. Furthermore, if you are thinking of selling your home, rugs are a very cheap way to dress up your home for potential buyers as staging helps people imagine themselves in the home. Whatever the purpose, using rugs to decorate rooms is one of the best ways to play up the amazing features of a space.

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